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  • RCP2 Nearing Completion

    As the second time frame of the Reserve Component Period comes to a close, Airmen from the 144th Fighter Wing who have been deployed overseas to support Federal missions will finally be returning home.
  • Sentry Aloha 20-1

    Airman and F-15C eagle fighter jets assigned to the 144th Fighter Wing participate in Sentry Aloha 20-1, an air-to-air combat exercise hosted by the Hawaii Air National Guard, Jan. 8-22, 2020.
  • 144th Lt. Col. Named California ANG FGO

    Lt. Col. Cesar Gonzalez, 144th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron commander, was named the California Air National Guard’s Field Grade Officer of the Year.
  • A Successful Year for the 144th Fighter Wing’s Combined Federal Campaign

    144th Fighter Wing’s 2019 Combined Federal Campaign raised more than $14,000, and Airmen pledged more than 270 volunteer hours to charities throughout the nation, demonstrating commitment to community from the Airmen of the Wing.
  • 2019: Year in Review

    During 2019, the 144th Fighter Wing continued to demonstrate that it is a premier fighter Wing by completing both its federal and state missions with overwhelming success.
  • Griffins Participate in Orange Flag for First Time

    F-15C Eagles from the 144th Fighter Wing’s 194th Fighter Squadron participated for the first time in an Orange Flag exercise along with multiple airframes to test communication interoperability in air space over California’s Mojave Desert Dec. 10, 2019. The evaluation is a quarterly large-force exercise hosted by the 412th Test Wing at Edwards Air Force Base, California. Its primary purpose is to test air-to-air and air-to-ground communication systems between multiple aircraft and platforms.
  • Defense Counsel for California Air National Guard

    Lt. Col. Richard Jackson, California Air National Guard judge advocate, serves as the California ANG Area Defense Counsel. As area defense counsel, Lt. Col. Jackson represents individual Airmen, officers and enlisted, when an adverse personnel action is taken against them militarily. These actions may include courts-martial, Article 15 punishments, administrative discharge or demotion, denial of reenlistment, enlisted performance reviews, unfavorable information file entries, control rosters, letters of counsel, letters of reprimand, or any investigation related to a violation of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice.
  • A Closer Look at Clear Sky 2018 - A Committed Relationship Between the U.S. and Ukraine

    The 144th Fighter Wing made history last week when F-15C Eagles landed in Ukraine for the first time, but the men and women participating in Clear Sky 2018 continue to make history as this air-centric exercise brings many firsts for Ukrainians.
  • Building Relationships; Partners for Peace

    Relationships. It is all about relationships. This is the resounding theme from all individuals involved in the State Partnership Program that bonds the United States and Ukraine. An important facet of the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine and the U.S. European Command is the Office of Defense Cooperation based in Kyiv, Ukraine with a common goal that a strengthened, resilient Ukraine contributes to regional stability and is effective in responding to domestic and transnational security challenges. The ODC plans and executes security cooperation and other military-to-military programs with Ukrainian armed forces to further partner development goals of EUCOM.
  • 144th FW Eagles Fly North to Red Flag Alaska

    Over 150 Airmen and several F-15 Eagles from the 144th Fighter Wing, Fresno, California, participated in Red Flag Alaska 18-3 for four weeks during August and September along with military units from across the country and the world.