Sentry Savannah 15-2

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Charles Vaughn
  • 144th Fighter Wing
144th Fighter Wing personnel and jets participated in Exercise Sentry Savannah 15-2, May 2-15, 2015. The exercise was held at the Air Dominance Center (ADC), Savannah, Ga.

The ADC is one of four Air National Guard training centers in the U.S. equipped with the technology to track, record and measure the high-speed tactical maneuvers of the pilots while dogfighting.  Plus, its location near the Atlantic coast makes it a perfect base to launch over-water operations.

Sentry Savannah 15-2 gave 144FW pilots an opportunity to integrate with other platforms from around the military to include F-22's, F-35's, F-16's, F-18's and T-38's.The joint service nature of this exercise allowed each branch the opportunity to communicate and practice effective wartime operations that mimic real-world scenarios. This type of training experience helps eve involved prepare for possible real-world missions.

"This has been a great opportunity for all of us to train together and fit together so we are prepared for anything in the future" said Maj. Josh Hernadez,144FW Project Officer and F-15C fighter pilot with the 194th Fighter Squadron, California Air National Guard. "Our main goal was to provide the sorties required for a Large Force Employment. It was another opportunity for the 144th to show what we can do as a collective Maintenance unit," said Maj. Ceasar Gonzalez, 144FW Aircraft Maintenance Squadron commander.

"Sentry Savannah provided invaluable training for our flyers and maintainers; it allowed our folks to get some needed hands on deployed training, flying a very aggressive schedule," said Chief Master Sgt. Richard Brown, 144FW Aircraft Maintenance Squadron superintendent.

"The unit performed flawlessly from maintenance and flying to after work team cohesion efforts, we had some aircraft problems that were repaired and jets returned to service in minimal time. That shows the dedication of the personnel in the 144FW," added Brown.

Services personnel from the 144FW Force Support Squadron also played a role handling billeting concerns, coordinating trips and vehicle check outs so personnel had an opportunity to enjoy the Savannah, Ga. area,. They also picked up and delivered box lunches to Airmen who could not break away from their work responsibilities. "I was privileged to meet a lot of airman, learn what jobs they perform and how their occupations fi in our mission" said Master Sgt. Richard Chavez, acting 1st Sgt. on Support Group.

"There is nothing more rewarding to see than the units personnel working with uninterrupted enthusiasm and dedication," said Brown. "When and if you every get the opportunity to work in this industrious environment full of positive attitudes I suggest that you take challenge and be part of the 144FW team of excellence." The 144FW had 115 sorties and over 260 hours of flying time during the two weeks they spent participating in Sentry Savannah 15-2. Approximately 150 144FW Airmen deployed in support of the exercise.