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  • 144th FW Headquarters Staff

    Headquarters Group is comprised of the Command Section, Chaplain, Financial Management, Judge Advocate, Public Affairs, Military Equal Opportunity, Human Resource Advisor, Wing Inspector General, Wing Safety, and the Squadron Orderly Room. Each unique section provides products and services for the

  • About the Air National Guard

    The Air National Guard as we know it today is a separate reserve component of the United States Air Force. The official birth date of the Air National Guard is 18 September 1947; the same day the Air Force became a separate service. The Air National Guard as we know it today was a product of postwar

  • Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard Explained

    The Air Force ReserveĀ (AFRES) is a federal reserve component of the U.S. Air Force. The Air National Guard (ANG) is the air militia component of the National Guard of each state or territory (with each state's ANG under the jurisdiction of that state's governor).AFRES and ANG units can be mobilized

  • Continental U.S. NORAD Region

    A component of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the Continental U.S. NORAD Region (CONR) provides airspace surveillance and control and directs air sovereignty activities for the continental United States (CONUS). Since Sept. 11, 2001, CONR has been the lead agency for

  • F-15 Eagle

    Mission The F-15 Eagle is an all-weather, extremely maneuverable, tactical fighter designed to permit the Air Force to gain and maintain air supremacy over the battlefield.Features The Eagle's air superiority is achieved through a mixture of unprecedented maneuverability and acceleration, range,

  • History of the 144th

    The origin of the 144th Fighter Wing dates back to April 4, 1948, barely six months after the formation of the Air National Guard in September 1947. On that date, the 61st Fighter Wing received federal recognition at Alameda, Calif., followed by activation of the 194th Fighter Squadron on June 25,

  • Maintenance Group

    The Maintenance Group's (MXG) manning comprises over one third of the 144th Fighter Wing's force. The MXG maintains 21 F-15C aircraft and is comprised of the Maintenance Squadron (MXS), which conducts all back shop aircraft/equipment maintenance, the Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (AMXS), which

  • Medical Group

    The 144th Medical Group's primary mission is to provide medical support whenever and wherever called upon in peacetime or wartime. Specifically, to train medical personnel and monitor the health and wellness of the 144 FW personnel in peacetime, while maintaining readiness to provide medical support

  • Mission Support Group

    The 144th Mission Support Group is the main support function for over 1,000 military personnel and 33 buildings, which have an estimated value of over $45 million. The Mission Support Group consists of Security Forces Squadron, Civil Engineering Squadron, Logistics Readiness Squadron, Communications

  • Operations Group

    The 144th Operations Group is home to the 194th Fighter Squadron and the 144th Operations Support Flight which directly support the Air Sovereignty Alert mission and daily flying training in the F-15 Eagle.The heritage of the 144th Fighter Group dates back to 1941 when the 372nd Fighter Group was