In the United States Air Force, a wing is a larger unit that is normally subordinate to a Numbered Air Force. Most USAF wings are commanded by a Colonel, but some are commanded by Brigadier Generals. USAF wings structured to fulfill a mission from a specific base, and contain a headquarters and four groups: an operations group, a maintenance group, a medical group and a mission support group. Such a wing is referred to as a Combat Wing Organization. The 144th Fighter Wing is subordinate to the 1st Air Force and is comprised of the following Groups.



Headquarters is comprised of the Command Section, Chaplain, Financial Management, Judge Advocate, Public Affairs, Military Equal Opportunity, Human Resource Advisor, Wing Inspector General, Wing Safety, and the Squadron Orderly Room. Each unique section provides products and services for the benefit of the entire Wing to assure the mission is being accomplished in an effective and efficient manner. Read more.

Operations Group

The 144th Operations Group is home to the 194th Fighter Squadron and the 144th Operations Support Flight which directly support the Air Sovereignty Alert mission and daily flying training in the F-15C Eagle. Read more.

Maintenance Group

The 144th Maintenance Group's primary mission is to provide combat aircraft to our nation and state by motivating, organizing, training, and equipping a force capable of conducting effective and sustained operations in support of national, state and community objectives. Read more.

Mission Support Group

The 144th Mission Support Group is the main support function for over 1,000 military personnel and 33 buildings with an estimated value of over $45 million. The Mission Support Group consists of Security Forces Squadron, Civil Engineering Squadron, Logistics Readiness Squadron, Communications Flight, Mission Support Flight, Base Services Flight and the Base Contracting Office. The Mission Support Group also provides day-to- day administrative support to the 144th Medical Group, and provides for other airport facilities though a series of cooperative agreements. Read more.

Medical Group

The 144th Medical Group's primary mission is to provide medical support whenever and wherever called upon in peacetime or wartime. Specifically, to train medical personnel and monitor the health and wellness of the 144 FW personnel in peacetime, while maintaining readiness to provide medical support for peacetime disasters as well as providing medical support for Homeland Defense or to integrate seamlessly with Expeditionary and Joint Forces. Read more.