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  • Mental health awareness and my story

    Today the importance of mental health and treatment for mental illness is taken more seriously. Mental illness, like any physical injury, can be healed. Sometimes it can heal on its own like a cut or a bruise, but oftentimes, because of its severity, it takes medical intervention to treat it, like a

  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month

    May is Mental Health Awareness Month and a great time of year to bring awareness to mental health issues and available resources. Mental health affects all of us. It has a big influence on our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Creating a culture where seeking help is brave will reduce stigma and

  • Know Your Airman's Creed

    Whether we memorized it yesterday or we memorize it today, it exemplifies the warrior state of mind that we all must share. In those words, remember why you serve, and remember what that means. Remember that you are a “Guardian of Freedom and Justice.” We all must live the creed as we perform our

  • Diversity makes us stronger

    In the Guard, we want our own community to reflect the communities we serve. We believe that a more diverse force is a stronger force, which is why we actively recruit men and women from minorities. And it’s why we welcome Americans from all religious beliefs and ethnic backgrounds. When you join

  • Force Development: Leadership and Growth

    The term “Force Development” conjures up different concepts in the mind, so it is helpful to consider what “Force Development” actually is. It is the effort to develop “the Force,” which is made up of individuals and teams. Therefore, developing individuals to be the best they can be personally and

  • Diversity, Inclusion and You

    The dictionary states that diversity is “the quality or state of having people who are different races or who have different cultures in a group or organization,” and the definition of inclusion is “the action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure.” The Air Force

  • Deliberate Development

    Knowing yourself and working closely with your teams, you should have a basic knowledge of what needs and goals you and your Airmen have. Deliberate development is a targeted approach that requires purposefully selecting a need and pairing it with existing or created opportunities for growth. To be

  • Connect to Protect to Prevent Suicide

    Each September, we join the Department of Defense in promoting Suicide Prevention Month to educate our community about suicide prevention, resources, and steps everyone can take to protect one another against suicide. During this time we want to highlight resources across military communities and

  • Force Development : Assess, Mentor, Develop

    When you hear the phrase “Force Development”, what comes to mind for you?  Do you think about Professional Military Education, CDC’s, or OJT (On the Job Training)? Over the past few weeks I have been talking to Airmen from all over the 144th Fighter Wing, the answers are consistent from E-1 to O-6,

  • Seek Opportunity to Serve

    Each of us has recited the U.S. Air Force's Core Values.  Integrity, Service, Excellence.  Those Core Values roll off the tongue so easily and are referenced so often that sometimes we lose sight of the constant, practical application of each Core Value.  Consider that the commitment each of us has