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  • Connect to Protect - September is Suicide Prevention Month

    2020 has been the perfect storm: a pandemic, schools closing, civil unrest, people losing their jobs, and now the wild fires. Many of us are trying to navigate a new normal in the midst of overwhelming life stressors. The purpose of Suicide Prevention Month is to bring awareness to this important issue and to educate. For the last few years in the Air Force, we have used the hashtag #BeThere emphasizing how important it is to be aware—to pay attention to your fellow wingman, to recognize warning signs, and to be mindful when others around you need extra support or resources.
  • Effective Time Management

    As you progress in your career and climb the ladder of development, you will inherently acquire greater responsibility and more will be expected of you. As projects increase and deadlines rapidly approach, stress levels can exceed record highs and other aspects of life may take a back seat. As military leaders, you will need to focus your attention on mission accomplishment, daily occupational requirements, and the well-being of your Airman.
  • PPE Works!

    Medical personnel from the 144th Medical Group’s medical detachment are finally returning home after spending more than 90 days supporting over 15,000 COVID-19 tests and medical treatment for hundreds of COVID-19 patients in Monterey, Riverside and Imperial counties. One take away is that Personal Protective Equipment protocols work!
  • Making Yourself Competitive for Promotion

    These are five points that I recommend with everyone in the Logistics Readiness Squadron, but they apply to everyone. Each has a short explanation of why it is important to making you stand out from others in your peer group. You will notice the lack of discussion about Leadership, Communication and Professional Military Education. Those are all required, too. In fact, those basic requirements are mandatory to even be considered for promotion, so if you haven’t done your PME, or can’t lead troops, it is not going to happen. Once you master the basics, concentrate on the five points below to distinguish yourself among your peer group.
  • Helping our Children Cope with COVID-19

    A couple months ago who would have ever dreamed how our lives would change. All around us, news of the novel coronavirus dominates the information we take in on a daily basis. Many of our day to day routines have altered dramatically. Anxiety and worry are commonplace as people think about the days ahead. It is no surprise that our children are feeling worried too. Our children take their cues from the adults around them. Therefore, as parents and adult caregivers, we must find ways to reduce our own stress and anxiety. As adults, when we are calm, it is much easier to reduce the fears of our children. Dr. Dawn O’Mally from the National Alliance on Mental Illness suggests the following steps to ease COVID-19 anxiety for families, especially children.
  • The Key Spouse Program

    The 144th Fighter Wing has a long history of being a premier Air Dominance and Air Sovereignty organization. You are a part of an organization that literally pioneered the 24/7 alert mission when this Wing was part of a “classified” experiment, which included only one other wing within the nation. You are all forever a part of this legacy. In addition to the Airmen who have served at our Wing, there are others who are equally a part of that legacy; these others are your families. So, what can we do to make it less challenging for them? The Key Spouse Program can provide the answer.
  • Live Each Day to the Fullest!

    Every day we have the opportunity make a difference and live life to the fullest. It is a personal choice to make each day count. Time is limited and once it has passed, we cannot get it back. Here are some ideas for how we can make each day worthwhile. Being thankful for who we are, what we have, and what we do is the simple act of acknowledging all the good that’s in our life. Given our busy lives, it is easy to forget or fail to recognize all the blessings we have. An attitude of gratitude helps us shift our focus away from negative thoughts, irritations or emotions to reframe our thinking on the positive aspects of our life.
  • At the Next Level: Growing as a Leader

    Leadership training is theoretical and the principals you apply must be adaptive to the circumstance, personalities involved, the mission, the environment, and exigency of circumstance. I could write for days about books I have read or classes I have attended, but in my opinion, the real gem sits in our existing Professional Military Education training courses, and the best leadership style is known as Full-Range Leadership. FRL is an adaptive approach to leadership, one that takes into account the totality of circumstances a leader faces, including the subordinate’s experience.
  • Core Values and Work Ethic

    What is work ethic? Work ethic is defined by Merriam-Webster as a belief in work as a moral good: a set of values centered on the importance of doing work and reflected especially in a desire or determination to work hard.
  • 144th Fighter Wing Commander's Vision and Priorities

    144FW Warriors, it is an incredible honor to be a part of this team! It is a privilege to command and I take this responsibility seriously. The purpose of this article is to discuss my Vision and Priorities for our amazing Wing. When I think of success, I always begin with an image of what I think success looks like. In the case of our Wing, I picture something I already see today; excited, dedicated, hardworking Airmen filled with pride in what they do and why they do it. I picture our Airmen coming together to ensure we meet our Federal, State, and Alert missions.