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  • Force Development : Assess, Mentor, Develop

    When you hear the phrase “Force Development”, what comes to mind for you?  Do you think about Professional Military Education, CDC’s, or OJT (On the Job Training)? Over the past few weeks I have been talking to Airmen from all over the 144th Fighter Wing, the answers are consistent from E-1 to O-6, yet everyone has different opinions in regard to
  • Seek Opportunity to Serve

    Each of us has recited the U.S. Air Force's Core Values.  Integrity, Service, Excellence.  Those Core Values roll off the tongue so easily and are referenced so often that sometimes we lose sight of the constant, practical application of each Core Value.  Consider that the commitment each of us has made to these values binds us together as part of
  • Realistic Resolutions for the New Year 2021

    The beginning of a new year is often a time we reflect on the past year and promise to make positive lifestyle changes moving forward. Paying attention to little changes over time can have a significant impact on overall health and wellness.  Research demonstrates that setting small, attainable goals throughout the year is far more helpful than a
  • What Is Sucess?

    What does success look like for you as an individual? For an Airman, I believe success is a personal story and probably can’t be described in one sentence. It may or may not necessarily be tied to the salary you receive from your job. Are you striving to own a business, finishing training or education, or raising a family? When you put on the cloth of our nation-- OCP’s, flight suit, blues or PT gear-- does that definition of success change? I would hope that it includes our core values: Integrity first, service before self (but not at the expense of your health and wellness) and excellence in all we do. When you self-reflect about your day, what makes it a successful day? I learn something new all the time with room for improvements. Don’t underestimate the role you play in shaping other’s success. Your actions and non-actions are important every single day
  • The Benefits of Gratitude

    With Thanksgiving almost upon us, we will take time to reflect on what we are thankful for. The benefits of this simple act can offer benefits throughout the year. For decades, researchers have studied the effects of thankfulness on psychological health, physical health, and relationships and found there to be substantial benefits. According to Robert Emmons, a leading expert on gratitude, individuals that habitually practice gratitude report numerous benefits.
  • 2020 Annual Suicide Prevention Training

    The 2020 Annual Suicide Prevention training looks a little different this year. With the very unusual year we’ve all experienced, I think you will find the current format to be a good fit. Some of you may have already completed the training, but for those of you who have not yet, let me explain what it will look like. You will be meeting in small groups within your squadrons and provided talking points to discuss. This training will provide an opportunity for you to think with your teams and fellow wingman about how you can respond to difficult or challenging situations. 
  • Connect to Protect - September is Suicide Prevention Month

    2020 has been the perfect storm: a pandemic, schools closing, civil unrest, people losing their jobs, and now the wild fires. Many of us are trying to navigate a new normal in the midst of overwhelming life stressors. The purpose of Suicide Prevention Month is to bring awareness to this important issue and to educate. For the last few years in the Air Force, we have used the hashtag #BeThere emphasizing how important it is to be aware—to pay attention to your fellow wingman, to recognize warning signs, and to be mindful when others around you need extra support or resources.
  • Effective Time Management

    As you progress in your career and climb the ladder of development, you will inherently acquire greater responsibility and more will be expected of you. As projects increase and deadlines rapidly approach, stress levels can exceed record highs and other aspects of life may take a back seat. As military leaders, you will need to focus your attention on mission accomplishment, daily occupational requirements, and the well-being of your Airman.
  • PPE Works!

    Medical personnel from the 144th Medical Group’s medical detachment are finally returning home after spending more than 90 days supporting over 15,000 COVID-19 tests and medical treatment for hundreds of COVID-19 patients in Monterey, Riverside and Imperial counties. One take away is that Personal Protective Equipment protocols work!
  • Making Yourself Competitive for Promotion

    These are five points that I recommend with everyone in the Logistics Readiness Squadron, but they apply to everyone. Each has a short explanation of why it is important to making you stand out from others in your peer group. You will notice the lack of discussion about Leadership, Communication and Professional Military Education. Those are all required, too. In fact, those basic requirements are mandatory to even be considered for promotion, so if you haven’t done your PME, or can’t lead troops, it is not going to happen. Once you master the basics, concentrate on the five points below to distinguish yourself among your peer group.