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144FW Frequently Asked Questions

· How do I schedule an AFOQT test? 
You can call a local ROTC detachment, a local MEPS station, or a recruiter to set up your test.
· How should I format my application package?
There are no specific requirements, however keep in mind that you are competing to get an interview before you compete for a pilot slot. Also, we have to look through many applications so present the information in a format that makes it easy for us to find it.
· What is the age limit?
You have to be in pilot training by age 30. Generally that requires obtaining an interview and being selected by age 29.
· How can I earn an interview?
We select based on the "whole person" concept. It helps if you stop by the unit on a drill weekend to get to know the pilots. Good scores, leadership experience and strong recommendations are also helpful.
· How do I fill out the AF Form 24?
Check the first box "Appointment as a reserve member of the Air Force" 
   1. To: 144FW/CC
   2. Specialty: 11F3H
  13. Check the "To fill an authorized position vacancy in the Ready Reserve" box and initial the 3 boxes directly below.
   26. For anything other than minor traffic violations please add a detailed description of the event and outcome. Use extra pages if necessary.
· What should I expect when I stop by the Unit?
The upside of a drill weekend is most of the pilots are there and you can meet many of them at one time. The downside is that they are busy so you may have to spend some time waiting while they rush in and out of briefings. That being said, you are strongly encouraged to stop by.
· What should I do if I am a Helicopter pilot or from another service?
Read AFI 11-402 chapter 2 and in addition to the normal application requirements submit the requirements outlined in Attachment 3.