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Family Readiness

What is a Family Readiness Group?
The official definition of a family readiness group is "An organization of family members, volunteers and Guard members belonging to a unit that together provide an avenue of mutual support, assistance and a network of communication among the family members, the chain of command and community resources."

No Rank in the FRG!
There is no rank in the FRG. The active role of our enlisted and officer spouses and family members in the group has been our key to success. The FRG is not a club. All Guard members and family members are members of the FRG whether they are active or not.

Your Place in the FRG
The role you play in our FRG is your choice. There are many projects to become involved in and each is important. Opportunities are available with communication, newsletters, hospitality, social functions, materials preparation and there are many training programs available.

Your Invitation
Your FRG extends a sincere invitation for you to join in and participate. You can never have too much information, too much support or too many friends. The FRG is your opportunity for all this and more.

Operation Ready Families-Wing Coordinator:
Phone: (559) 454-5383
Fax: (559) 454-5107

Volunteer Coordinator: Laurie Rushie
Phone: (559) 916-5617

144FW Operation Family Readiness meets each UTA Saturday, 10:30-12:00

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