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Base Tours

We offer base tours at the 144th Fighter Wing as a community outreach on weekdays when our operation tempo allows. The 144th Fighter Wing encourages the public to visit the base to understand and appreciate the contributions of their "Hometown Air Force." If you know of a group that is interested in a base tour other than immediate family members, please contact the Public Affairs office.

Even if you wish to facilitate a tour, Public Affairs still needs a request to be submitted for coordination and record keeping purposes. Base tours consist of a mission briefing, tour of the Engine Shop, visit to an F-16 static display and closes with an observation of an F-16 mission launch. The length of the tour is generally 1.5 to 2 hours.

Here are the guidelines for base tours:

  • Submit at least 4 weeks notice prior to your desired tour date request.
  • A formal request should be submitted on a Base tour request form attained from Public Affairs office.
  • Tour group shall consist of a minimum of 10 people, no more than 40. If group number totals over 40, contact the Public Affairs office for eligibility.
  • If tour group consists of children under 13, there must be a sufficient number of parent guardians or chaperones present to monitor their behavior and safety.
  • All tours are subject to cancellation. Visitors should understand that the mission comes first.
  • A list of attendees should be emailed or faxed to the Public Affairs office at least two weeks prior to the visit. This is to ensure the security of the base as well as the safety and accountability of all tour members.
  • Members of the group should understand when they are on the base that they are on a military installation and their vehicles and persons are subject to search. Do not bring firearms, knives, or any similar items.
Certain conditions and restrictions apply to all base tours and tours are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis (please call us as soon as you know which date you would like). 
For more information, contact the PA office at (559) 454-5246.