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ID Cards

#160;The process of obtaining ID cards has changed on 25 Sep 2008. The following information specifies what is required for a retired member to obtain a new ID card. 
 Call (559)454-5274 to make an appointment to get your new ID Card 
 Members are encouraged to bring their retirement order, NGB 22 if possible along with the mandatory two forms of ID identified below. 
  Effective 25 Sep 2008, DOD's Department of Defense Manpower Data Center has mandated that all personnel bring issued common access cards (CAC) and other identification cards, including dependents (age 18 and older), and retirees must present two forms of identification. At least one of the two forms of ID must have a photograph and be from "Group A" (below). The computer software used to produce ID cards is sequence-based and requires two forms of ID to be scanned before it will proceed to the next sequence to issue a new card.

Acceptable forms of ID are:

Group A (picture) 
  Military dependent ID 
  Valid documentation from Immigration and Naturalization Service office with photo 
  Driver's license or ID card issued by federal, state or local government agencies or entities (including photo) 
  U.S. Passport 
  U.S. Coast Guard, Merchant Mariner card 
  School ID with photo 
  Sponsor DOD ID card 
  Immigration Naturalization Service Card

Group B (non-picture) 
  Certificate of citizenship or naturalization 
  Foreign Passport 
  Voter Registration Card 
  U.S. Social Security Card 
  Certification of Birth Abroad 
  Unexpired refugee travel document 
  Original or certified copy of a Birth Certificate 
  Native American Tribal document 
  Daycare or nursery school record 
  Clinic, doctor or hospital record 
  School record or report card 
  Canadian Driver's License 
  Foreign National ID with photo

Questions regarding ID cards can be directed to customer service at (559) 454-5274