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  • An Air Guard for the future

    Lt. Gen. Craig R. McKinley, vice chief-air of the National Guard Bureau, is the Air National Guards top uniformed leader. He was confirmed for that post in May, 2006. On July 11, 2006 he met with Air Force Magazine to discuss a broad range of topics. What follows are excerpts of his remarks. Troop Cut Question: "We want to be a team player in
  • Base Tours

    We offer base tours at the 144th Fighter Wing as a community outreach on weekdays when our operation tempo allows. The 144th Fighter Wing encourages the public to visit the base to understand and appreciate the contributions of their "Hometown Air Force." If you know of a group that is interested in a base tour other than immediate family members,
  • Family Readiness

    What is a Family Readiness Group? The official definition of a family readiness group is "An organization of family members, volunteers and Guard members belonging to a unit that together provide an avenue of mutual support, assistance and a network of communication among the family members, the chain of command and community resources."No Rank in
  • Flyovers

    DoD policy limits flyovers to aviation-related public events such as airport dedications, aviation shows and air fairs. This policy allows flyovers for those events designed to encourage the advancement of aviation, and contribute to public knowledge of Air Force aviation equipment and facilities. Exceptions to this policy may be granted on a case
  • General UPT info

    The regulations currently state you must enter UPT before your 30th birthday. Know that the Guard usually hires a year in advance (if hired tomorrow, you probably won't be attending UPT for another year). Plan accordingly. Get started now - don't let this time go by. Be in good physical condition. Don't have any skeletons in your closet.
  • Headquarters Staff

    144th Fighter Wing Commander, Col. Jerimiah Cruz,144th Fighter Wing Vice Commander,  Headquarters Group is comprised of the Command Section, Chaplain, Financial Management, Judge Advocate, Public Affairs, Military Equal Opportunity, Human Resource Advisor, Wing Inspector General, Wing Safety, and the Squadron Orderly Room. Each unique section
  • History of the 144th

    The origin of the 144th Fighter Wing dates back to April 4, 1948, barely six months after the formation of the Air National Guard in September 1947. On that date, the 61st Fighter Wing received federal recognition at Alameda, Calif., followed by activation of the 194th Fighter Squadron on June 25, 1948. The 61st Fighter Wing was re-designated as
  • Maintenance Group

    Lt. Col. John Lundholm, Maintenance Group CommanderWelcome to the 144th Fighter Wing Maintenance Group (MXG), the largest group on Fresno Air National Guard Base. The Maintenance Group's manning comprises over one third of the wing's population. MXG maintains 21 F-15C Eagles and is comprised of the Maintenance Squadron (MXS) which conducts all
  • Medical Group

    Col. John Blackburn, Medical Group Commander The 144th Medical Group's primary mission is to provide bio environmental, public health, and medical support to monitor the health and wellness of the members of the 144th Fighter Wing. Ensuring our members are fit-to-fight makes our wing a valuable and viable asset to the California Air National Guard
  • Mission Support Group

    Col. Dave Johnston, Mission Support Group Commander The 144th Mission Support Group is the main support function for over 1,000 military personnel and 33 buildings with an estimated value of over $45 million. The Mission Support Group consists of Security Forces Squadron, Civil Engineering Squadron, Logistics Readiness Squadron, Communications